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Closing keynote: Triple Cripples

Triple Cripples: Featured on the BBC, AJ+, METRO, Black Ballad, iNews and more, TRIPLE CRIPPLES was created by Kym Oliver & Jumoke Abdullahi. It is a ground-breaking platform, created to increase visibility & highlight the narratives of Black & non-Black Women, Femmes & Non-Binary People of Colour, living with disabilities – whose stories would otherwise remain hidden from view. The project came out of their frustration with the lack of representation of Black disabled women, like them and it’s social, cultural, economic & medical implications. Kym & Jumoke are extremely passionate about eradicating the cultural taboos surrounding illness and disability within the Black community, not just in the UK, but in the global diaspora. The intersections of Race, Gender & Disability are key factors in determining how people experience the world around them. They refuse to be ignored any longer and are dedicating their lives to being SEEN & screaming “WE ARE HERE!”. 

You can follow the Triple Cripples on Twitter @TripleCripples, via their website and on YouTube.

Keynote Speech starts at 2:43:10

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